Tender Claws
Based in Los Angeles, CA

Release date:
9 March, 2017

Steam: Vive + Rift
Oculus Rift
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Gear VR
Google Daydream


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A game about VR, A.I. and our shared sci-fi fever dreams. Put on VR headsets in VR to escape your manager and explore deeper realities in this two hour game. In the near future, most human jobs are automated. What is the purpose of humanity? Activitude, the Virtual Labor System, is here to help. Your artisanal human companionship is still highly sought by our A.I. clients. Strap on your headset. Find your calling . . . Pssst. . . Sure, you could function like a therapy dog to an A.I. in Bismarck and watch your work ratings climb, but don’t you yearn for something more: adventure, conflict, purpose? Escape behind the scenes of Activitude by putting on VR headsets in VR to jump between realities, or vacuum up the world around you with your Activitude Brand Poly Cleanup Tool! Outrun Chaz, your manager, as he attempts to boot you out PERMANENTLY. Along the way, uncover the story of Activitude’s evolution from VR start-up to the “human purpose provider” it is today.


The complete 3 hour “Virtual Virtual Reality” (V-VR) was made over six months by a core team of 4 full-time directors/artists/developers in conjunction with 4 part-time devs. We wanted to prove it was possible to create long-form sustained storytelling and gameplay in VR with a small team. Tender Claws is uniquely positioned to do this as one of its co-founders Samantha Gorman worked in a VR art/writing research lab from 2002-2010. We have seen the medium of VR evolve from the 90s to today. Virtual Virtual Reality is both commentary on and love letter to the medium of VR and its current place of hype and speculation in today’s culture.


  • 50+ explorable virtual virtual realities
  • 3+ hours of unique gameplay
  • Take off and put on virtual headsets to explore deeper
  • Built for Daydream from the ground-up
  • Complete absurd “labor” minigames for A.I. characters in bemusing forms. (ex: slather toast on a giant stick of butter as it berates your human efficiency.)
  • Suction tool: destroy/build worlds by vacuuming up or spitting out polygons
  • Exploratory, narrative, dialog based, logic puzzles
  • An artichoke screams at you


Launch YouTube

Teaser YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (11MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Google Play Awards 2017" Best VR Experience
  • "International Mobile Gaming Awards 2018" Best VR Game
  • "International Mobile Gaming Awards 2018" Excellence in Audio
  • "Raindance Film Festival 2017" Best Mobile Interactive Experience
  • "Future of StoryTelling 2017" Finalist, People's Choice Award
  • "Unity Awards 2017" Finalist, Best VR Game
  • "IndieCade 2017" Official Nominee
  • "Vision VR/AR Awards 2017 " Finalist, Best Game
  • "VR Awards Shortlist 2017" Finalist, VR Game of the Year

Selected Articles

  • "An absurdist black comedy [...] that plays with ideas of tourism, travel and authority."
    - Laura Parker, The New York Times
  • "All is not what it seems in this darkly comic and visually stunning outing."
    - Matthew Field, The Telegraph
  • "A lovingly cheeky response to artists’ early hopes for the medium."
    - Cecilia D'Anastasio, Kotaku
  • "Equal parts trippy and humorous."
    - Sam Machkovech, Ars Technica
  • "A love letter and a parody of contemporary virtual reality culture."
    - J.H. Fearless, Creators

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About Tender Claws

Tender Claws is an award-winning game company located in Los Angeles, California that creates novel media experiences at the intersection of art, games, and technology. Our team includes directors, writers, designers, and coders that collaborate to blur the boundaries of design, publishing, cinema, installation and virtual reality. We are committed to a reciprocal creative process: one that requires deep attention to content and careful consideration of the affordances of a technology.

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Virtual Virtual Reality Credits

Samantha Gorman
Game Lead

Danny Cannizzaro
Game Lead

Mitch Mastroni

Neilson K-S

Brendan LoBuglio

Tanya Leal-Soto

Zach Suite

Will Anderson

Colin Horgan

Julian Kantor
Technical Art

Lex Rhodes


Eric Van Amerongen

Aimee Zhang

Taylor Morris

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