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19 November, 2019



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The Under Presents is an immersive multiplayer experience that merges VR and theater to tell the story of two intersecting worlds. In this unique and unpredictable experience, players converge in the otherworldly hub of The Under, where ever-changing stage shows are presided over by an enigmatic MC. The main show is The Aickman, a longform narrative where players explore the mystery of an ill-fated research ship, and discover that they may be able to manipulate time and alter the fates of its crew members.


There is a lot of interest in exploring the overlap of immersive theater and VR. We wanted to leverage some of our backgrounds in theater to create an experience that could make players question whether they were engaging with a recorded NPC or live performer. In addition to the narrative unfolding on the ship with our ten central characters, the Under has taken on an expanded role and a life of its own. In addition to roving live actors, the amount and time of the stage acts has really expanded significantly since working with Piehole, Brooklyn based theatre group. Piehole found some great real, live performance artists in NY that we have worked closely with to create fanciful digital representations of their acts.


  • Work cooperatively with past recordings of yourself to save characters from the time loop
  • Interact with other players to unlock secrets of The Under.
  • Use your mask to control the flow of time and explore the intertwined stories aboard the Aikman.
  • Engage with live actors both as hosts of stage shows in the Under and as one-on-one encounters
  • 15+ pre-recorded and live stage acts featuring a wide range of performances for The Under.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "A sneak peek of "The Under Presents" at the Sundance Film Festival, by Oculus" Jan 2019
  • "IndieCade 2019 “Official Nominee”" Oct 2019

Selected Articles

  • "a victory for uncompromising oddity and all the weirdos who love it."
    - Joan E. Solsman, CNET

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About Tender Claws

We are an indie game studio based in LA. Our team of 15 is committed to creating compelling, unique games that are rooted in story and creatively tailored to compliment platform strengths. We’ve become recognized for quirky high-quality content and imaginative mechanics. Our debut PRY, was named one of Apple’s Top Apps of 2015 and was a finalist for The Future of Storytelling Prize and for IGF’s “Excellence in Narrative” award. We next created Virtual Virtual Reality: a narrative comedy adventure that won Google Play’s best VR game of 2017, was a finalist for Unity’s Best VR game and one of the best selling/top reviewed on Oculus GO. Our AR virtual pet that feeds on your emotions, Tendar, was showcased at Sundance, received an Honorable Mention at the GDC Awards and won Innovation Awards at Indiecade and Games For Change. Our newest release, The Under Presents, blends live immersive theater with real actors performing remotely but through VR headsets, it had a private sneak peek at the Sundance Film Festival 2019, by Oculus and is now available on Oculus Quest.

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